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How to Submit a Guidebook

To be included in this database, a field trip write-up should include a road log and/or contain a detailed description of the geological features that could be used to reconstruct a field trip. Typically, the guidebook contains descriptions of the geological features along an itinerary, and is thus a resource for local geology. The database includes geographic and stratigraphic information. Many field trip guidebooks are not available through bookstores and are not widely distributed. The best sources for guidebooks are libraries in the field trip region or the group that hosted the field trip.. Many libraries have generously contributed to the building of the guidebook database. In most cases, a member of the Geoscience Information Society works in the contributing library. The database resides on a server at the American Geosciences Institute.

The following link will take you to the American Geosciences's Institute website where you will be able to submit the information about the guidebook you wish to submit.

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Guidelines for Authors, Editors, and Publishers of Geologic Field Trip Guidebooks